Shipping and return policies for woodpigeon

Shipping Info
Orders shipped out within 4 business days.
Return Policy
If things should go wrong for any reason, here is what you do. All damaged or defective items must be returned with the original invoice and in the condition in which you received it. Indicate on the back of the invoice, or in an attached letter, why you are returning the item(s). If your order arrived damaged please return it right away so we can send you a replacement.

Shipping charges will only be refunded in the case that the error was at the fault of us by way of the mistake being acted out by the people that are we, meaning that we goofed and that was us.

If you give us the wrong address or move to a new apartment without notifying us and your package gets returned, we will not call you an idiot or flog you. We will just charge you for shipping it to the correct location.

All refunds, including any refunds for return shipping charges, will be credited to the credit card used in your purchase. We will do everything we can to refund quickly and you will be notified of your refund by e-mail

If you are not satisfied with our service please go easy on us if it is something small because we will most likely feel really bad about screwing up. If we really, really screw up please feel free to email us entirely in caps lock. We will replace, repair, rebuild, rerecord, repackage, resend, redo, re-stamp, and or reseal anything that disappears into shipping oblivion.